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  Interesting times ...

It's like the old Chinese curse, may you live in interesting times. Still, for folks interested or involved in web development we have several technologies and market ideas intersecting.
HTML5 and CSS3 are staring to become usable as the adoption rate of newer browsers becomes significant.
Even the older browsers can be persuaded to talk HTML5 with the addition of clever javascript.

See http://www.storiesinflight.com/html5/ for some useful code.

Also see the book -- Introducing HTML5
By Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp.

  Thanks Apple

Apple has a proprietary eco-system that makes Microsoft look like an open standards supporter. However, unlike Microsoft Apple is stylish, innovative, and a trend setter.
I am not sure if the iPad is an oversized iPod or an undersized laptop but whatever it is it has sparked a web revolution.
We developers now need to think about apps and online applications as facilities that can be mixed and matched.

  A Gift from Microsoft

Inernet Explorer version 9 is almost here.
The advance publicity is promising all kinds of improvements over the 8, 7, 6 etc.
It remains to be seen if the reality lives up to the hype but Microsoft is making encouraging noises about being standards friendly.

I hope they mean the W3 standards.
Also I wonder, does the new privacy feature cause any gotchas?


Yes, I support software freedom. Free to use, free to share, free to improve, and free of customer-hostile restrictions.

We benefit from open source software, javascript, php, ftp, mySQL, Firefox, Apache. These tools are free of proprietary restrictions and work reliably.
See fsf.org and also 'google' for the GNU and Linux secure operating system information.

A Great Gadget!

20-324-011-TS.jpgThe Eye-Fi memory card turns any digital camera into a wireless capable device.

I purchased the 4GB version which comes as a standard package SDHC card. A card reader is included for the intial setup procedure.

After the card copies a portion of the driver program into your computer you are ready to send photos wirelessly to your home wireless lan system.

(No Linux version, work-arounds needed AARG!)


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Reader Comments

Date:Tue September 25 2012
Ref:Thanks Apple
Comment:Sacrilege Frank But so true. Leave it to you to be willing to say it like it is...against the iGod.

Date:Fri April 29 2011
Ref:Thanks Apple
Comment:I think that the iPad may be the future of both computing and web browsing. After all who needs all the complication of regular computers just to use online services?
Date:Thu February 03 2011
Ref:Interesting times ...
Comment:This new html5 system looks useful

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